Tertiary sector & Commerce

From office buildings to shopping and leisure centres, educational and research institutions to hotels, we put the staff and the public at ease, optimising the operating costs of major urban living areas: climate, communications network, lighting, lifts, emergency systems, security, cleanliness...

Buildings and offices

"Large Tertiary": such as offices, headquarters...

The first attention of our teams is to ensure, through the effective functioning of office buildings, the quality of work and comfort of thousands of employees. We offer our customers a single contact providing extensive expertise and quality service, regardless of the size and number of locations. We thereby provide a seamless service for clients whose business is spread over several national or international locations.

Public reception areas

"Other tertiary": shopping centres, small offices...

Shopping or leisure centres, or hotels, welcome large flows of visitors and clients to whom we must offer the maximum comfort, the best quality reception, perfect cleanliness and multiple services. Through a wide range of technical skills, including specific skills such as optimisation of expenses for retail areas, we help enhance the attractiveness of sites and the welcome for visitors.

International organisations

The buildings of international organisations require high-level management and mastery of the most complex techniques. To optimise services and operating costs, we bring our expertise in reducing energy consumption and the professionalism of our teams in the management of on-site technical facilities, electricity, heating and ventilation, as well as telecoms equipment and fire detection.

Shopping centres

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, smoke extraction, as well as sanitary plumbing, power generators, lifts, advertising boards, gates and railings... large facilities designed to accommodate a large public take advantage of our know-how in comfort, safety and efficiency, especially shopping centres. Customers

30 %

Local market

25 000 

housing on
Canton of Geneva

35 km

heating network

+ de 1

million m2 operated


tonnes of CO2 saved

40 %

of renewable energy used

250 MW


80 000