CGC Energy offers high added value services to support non-medical activities for public and private health institutions (permanent buildings, medico-welfare establishments...), from the comfort of patients and staff to building maintenance. These services include energy management, the control of health risks and the overall management of the building.

Energy management

Comfort of patients, visitors and staff, securing the power supply of technical facilities, quantity and quality of supply of utilities (cold, steam, medical vacuum...) for medical and logistical purposes, optimising energy consumption... many services require our expertise in energy management and a wide range of technical services.

A key issue: security

Safety is a daily requirement for care facilities. Security is part of the continuous improvement of services, from regulatory and environmental audits to management of technical risks.

Keeping up with an evolving industry

Because healthcare facilities continue to evolve in terms of infrastructure, needs and environment, it is essential to provide them with flexible services based on continuous monitoring of concerns. This is the case for the optimisation of building operating costs in order to meet the budgetary allocations for medical activity, and maintaining regulatory compliance and modernisation.

30 %

Local market

25 000 

housing on
Canton of Geneva

35 km

heating network

+ de 1

million m2 operated


tonnes of CO2 saved

40 %

of renewable energy used

250 MW


80 000