Professionals in the agribusiness, automotive, paper, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, metallurgy or refining industries all want to focus on the essential: their craft.

That is why we offer them all investigation, engineering, purchasing, operating and maintenance services that allow them to reduce their energy supply costs, control their consumption, and have effective tools for the production, distribution and use of energy.

Optimisation of the energy chain

Energy savings and reduction of greenhouse gas: two major industrial challenges. By adapting our offers to the multiplicity and diversity of managed sites, or by broadening the range of our services and the scope of our interventions, we help our customers better manage these challenges over the entire energy management chain.

From utilities to outsourced general services

Management of energy utilities, maintenance of production facilities, environmental conditioning, building management and infrastructure services extending to outsourced general services, we support a range of coordinated services to optimise the energy and environmental performance of our customers' sites.

Expertise tailored to industries

Managing high risks in the chemical sector, supplying continuous steam for paper manufacturing, assuring a high degree of air treatment in the medical sector, meeting flexibility requirements for production equipment in the automobile industry... each sector requires a tailored approach to its challenges. Our expertise is based not only on providing the best quality and safety standards, but also on solutions that respond to the specific environments of our customers.

30 %

Local market

25 000 

housing on
Canton of Geneva

35 km

heating network

+ de 1

million m2 operated


tonnes of CO2 saved

40 %

of renewable energy used

250 MW


80 000